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This morning was the second day in a row that the frost has descended overnight. I managed to get into Abney early, just after 8am, and was the first one in there, and the first one out the other entrance. I had the place to myself. As I was standing contemplating the effects of frost on fungus (the more delicate species will now vanish and the cold weather specialists like blewits and Flammulina will be coming to the fore), when a group of 3 foxes began playing not far from me. I didn’t dare move for a while, but raised my camera as they skittered away. In the photo the last of them to vanish is just on the left as a brown blob, but looking at the photo on large shows it to be a fox…..just. Great to see them!

Link to photos of Abney Park Cemetery in December 2012.

Abney Park Cemetery, fox running away. 1.12.2012


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