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Laetiporus sulphureus, 17.5.2015

Laetiporus sulphureus, 17.5.2015

Growing on willow wood blocks which were imported into Abney creating a log pile and new habitat, these gorgeous orange/sulphur yellow brackets positively glow. The colour contrast with the lush green environment makes them unmistakable and unmissable once in the vicinity, and I missed it completely. Russell Miller found it. It is the first time this species has grown in Abney.

Species Notes are here.

Fungi and Slime Molds so far found in 2015 are here.


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There is a tiny mushroom swarming over a very decayed stump away from the pathways. It is beige but dries paler. Up to around 1.7cms high. This is not an inspiring mushroom, and it dried rapidly when I picked it, so I had a limited time to get it to my microscope. This makes it only identifyable if access to a microscope is within about a half hour from collecting. The caps I took home had immature spores that matured after it was picked, and this leads often to smaller than normal spores when measured. The other features in the key gives the identification as being Psathyrella cernua. The only hitch in this is the given spore size for this species is a bit bigger – but I was thinking my spores might be smaller so….. Psathyrella cernua.

Psathyrella cernua, 13.5.2015

And it is really rare. I wonder why? It could well be that the difficulty in getting an ID and it being a little brown cap make it overlooked.

Link to species notes

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A brief walk round today showed a variety of inkcaps. Although they are not in perfect condition they are identifiable. Mainly on the woodchips they are enjoying the damp conditions. Glistening Inkcap (Coprinellus micaceus) is also around.

Parasola curicoma 11.5.2015

Coprinopsis lagopus, 11.5.2015

Coprinopsis cinerea, 11.5.2015

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