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I came across Tony Butler in Abney this morning and he has given me an idea of what is happening in the bird community in Abney over the last week-ish. He has seen….

Redpoll (lesser) feeding on the provided feeders at the front of Abney

Willow warblers, especially on the birch towards the front of Abney but ranging through the park.

Other warblers.. chiffchaff, blackcap, sedge warbler and white throat.

Green woodpeckers, who have been noisy and looking at nesting in the west on Abney, and Great spotted woodpeckers one of which is hiding in the photo below….

Sparrowhawks have been flying over, both males and females.

The Tawney Owls may well have bred again, but exactly where is not clear.

Finches…. greenfinches, chaffinches, gold finches

The loudest bird on many occasions… wrens are still everywhere.

Dunnocks, like sparrows but with more stripes in their feathers and a grayer head.

Goldcrest.. the smallest bird in Abney

Tits…. blue tit, great tit, long-tailed tit.

Of the crow group there’s the usual Crows Magpies and Jays. The jays this morning were displaying in one tree where the males were showing off for the females. One jay was mimicking a buzzard. Other jays have been about collecting nesting material as in the photo left….

A grey heron was briefly forced down by mobbing crows.

Stock doves, wood pigeons and feral pigeons.

Mallards are looking for nesting sites. They are the overspill from Clissold park, which has limited nesting sites, so the ousted birds are looking at any available places outside. In Abney they were sitting on the top of the chapel turrets.

The butterflies haven’t been around so much, so far. Today, with the warmer sun, there were Peacocks and Small Whites around. Speckled Wood’s are flying as are Commas. Red Admirals were about on the only warm day of January, and as they hibernate in adult form, they should be back out soon with this sun.

Link to photos of Abney in April 2013

Link to photos of Butterflies in Abney


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OK, I own up, I haven’t been paying attention. I’ve had my head down looking at the Ganoderma brackets, and there are enough of them to keep me busy for the next few years, and worrying about the development in Wilmer Place (see the page on the Sainsbury’s development), and the changes overtaking Abney have been bypassing me. They are very much not bypassable any longer. The birds are all up and running for spring, green woodpeckers were in there calling away this morning, greenfinches bustling about, the parakeets smooching in the tree tops.  Mallards, the overspill from Clissold Park, are playing aerial tag over the tree tops, quacking as they go, (how on earth do they manage to find the breath to quack and fly?) They are all up for the breeding season. The daffodils are beginning to scatter through the gravestones, the lesser celandines open to the sun. And the graves deemed to be slightly dodgy are ribboned off (a new regime from a new Hackney Parks Manager. I hope they are not just going to sit there with their warning notices, but be fixed and the notices etc removed). Still it is spring, and even the odd bit of sun is occasionally slipping through, with rain showers to ease the dryness. No spring fungus as yet, but if this rain and warmth can keep going just maybe……

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