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Spring is when the plants under the canopy race to develope and blossom before the canopy closes in to outshade them. The canopy is in place now. The normally June roses are blossoming. It just feels like summer now.

Despite the rain that fell sporadically on a couple of days, Abney has dried out once more. The beginnings of fungal growth seem to have once again shrivelled. It will probably all happen at once when the rain returns.

Link to photos of Abney May 2011.


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Until it rains I don’t think there will be fungus growth. It does look spectacular though.All the white flowers are out, the cow parsley, horse chestnut, garlic mustard, hawthorne etc. Monty Don would describe some sections as a white garden. I feel lucky to have it just a short walk from me.

Link to photos of May 2011

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