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Abney Park Cemetery is 32 acres of woodland, with a lot of growth and a lot of woodpiles etc. A casual stroll round a few main pathways is never going to take me to every location for fungus and slime mold growth so I miss a great deal. If you happen to be in Abney and find something interesting it may be that I have missed it, please do let me know. I am horribly bad at finding locations that are described to me, so here’s a link to a map of Abney that can help which is downloadable….

This version of the map is rotated through 90 degrees to view it the right way up.


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It took a while but my fungus notes and slime mold notes are all now loaded onto the site. That’s 248 fungi and 9 slime molds. It may still change in form, and new species will be added when I find them, if I can identify them, but that is the main bulk of the information. Just thought I’d mention it.

This isn’t the total number of species in the cemetery, there are a mass that I can’t identify, well over 100 of them.

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