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The last 2 weeks have changed the season. The tree canopy is in full leaf, the cow parsley is fading and if really feels different. The shading under the trees is much more dense so all the vigorous growth of the spring herb layer is fading through lack of light, and most of the growth is more restricted to the path edges and where the canopy is less dense.


A Horse Chestnut flowering 16.5.2010.


The fully greened trees 29.5.2010.

Link to photos of Abney in May.


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St George’s Mushroom,

Calocybe gambosa ,used to

grow each year but I haven’t

seen it for a while. I found it

this weekend. A small group of

4 caps. They’re a chunky sort

of cap traditionally growing

round St George’s day but actually

often later. A spring specialist.

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It took a while but my fungus notes and slime mold notes are all now loaded onto the site. That’s 248 fungi and 9 slime molds. It may still change in form, and new species will be added when I find them, if I can identify them, but that is the main bulk of the information. Just thought I’d mention it.

This isn’t the total number of species in the cemetery, there are a mass that I can’t identify, well over 100 of them.

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My favorite plant season in Abney is definitely the cow parsley flowering season. The white lacy flowers grow to shoulder height and fill the spaces where enough sunlight breaks through.

Other photos of May 2010.

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The difference of a couple of weeks is surprising. The leaves have come out but

not on quite all the trees yet. There is a wonderful freshness to everything.

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