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I’ve seen many a dog in Abney with these seeds lodged about their fur. While it is not the only seed to want to be spread like this they do have an amazing structure. The hooks on the outside do the initial damage, catching onto fur or clothes, then the hairs round the actual seed make them hard to remove. A good bit of adaptive structure.



THe original flower

Photos of flowers in Abney are here.


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August, the month when the greens of the trees are usually getting a bit tired, a bit dusty. Not this year. The trees and undergrowth have benefited from rain in patches and sun between. No flooding, no drought,  perfect and most unusual. But when I was walking round yesterday I noticed that normal pattern of the wasp nests beginning to buzz again is happening. It does this time of year. Holes in the ground to underground hollows below the graves, or in old wood piles, are just perfect for their nests. They are not immediately visible from the paths, but caution when going into the foliage is needed and dogs should be dissuaded from forays off the paths. Here are a few photos of the August green and a wasp nest with 2 openings.

August leafage

Wasp nest opening 1

Wasp nest opening 2

Photos are also here on flickr.

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This is an orchid. And it grows in Abney. This year there there is a new plant that Tony Butler has pointed out to me, as well as the established plant. It is tiny and difficult to find, but this close up photo shows how beautiful it is.

Broad Leaved Helleborine, Epipactis helleborine 2.8.2014

Photos of Abney flowers are here.

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