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I struggle to identify fungi and slime molds. There are others out there who are likewise struggling and a variety of sites which have information that can help. The links here I have found useful.

Londonfungi. This is a yahoo group where interested people can discuss online problems of identification, what is growing and where, arrange forays round London etc. There is no substitute for having seen what something looks like while knowing what it is. Some extraordinary people are able to look at something and pin it down with a high degree of accuracy on the spot, in the field. This is something I will never be able to do and I stand back in awe of those who can. This group has some of those people among its number. If you are beginning looking at fungi do join the group, go along to a foray and be amazed. They’re nice people too.

Checklist of the British and Irish Basidiomycota. There has been a recent reassessment of the correct names of fungi. As a result of this many names have changes and common names have been standardized. Many of my reference books have since become dated. This Kew checklist not only has a full list of what is believed to be out there, it has the correct names now and the old names that it used to be known as, allowing my old books still to be useful.

Mycokey taxonomical search. This site allows a search on named fungi and has photos of the species. When trying to pin down what something I find the more photos the better. Fungi look different at different stages of their growth and in different conditions of hydration. The wider the range of photos the more chance I have of identifying something.

Abney Park Cemetery Trust. This is the official website of the cemetery. It has information about the forthcoming events etc.

BioImages – A Virtual Field Guide. This site has a lot of useful information and reliably gets it right. If you know the species name of something, or think you might know the species name and want to check if you have it right, this is a good place to start.

The Morphing Mushroom Identifier. This site takes you through some basic features of mushrooms/toadstools that are proving to be a problem getting into a group. It is a good starting point when you have no idea of where to begin.

Fungal Punk. This is the official Cheshire and Clwyd Fungus Group homepage. It covers all aspects of nature and has some terrific photos.

Sustainable Hackney. A forum for environmentalists in Hackney.

There will be more links that I will add to this as I go along.


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