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This morning, in the sun, Abney looked spectacular. Well worth the slightly muddy walk round. It is hard to do it justice with a camera, but some more shots are here.


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Comatricha nigra is a new slime mold to me, but is one of the more common species in the UK. It grew on a piece of ash branch that has been brought down in the recent high winds, the branch then lay on a path being drenched by heavy rain on approximate alternate days for a while before I brought it home where I kept it in the dry. Then, unexpectedly, white jelly-looking rounded growths emerged. They became pink, then grew black stalks and became darker pink, then brown and finally black, and were shiny all the time. They are very small only 2 to 3 mms high.

Comatricha nigra, just emerged, white and stalkless, 8.8.2013.

Comatricha nigra, black stalks and maturing through pink to brown. 10.11.2013

Comatricha nigra, black and shiny, 11.11.2013

Details of the growth are in my notes.

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