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I find this interesting (and thanks to Russell for pointing it out to me). Pluteus aurantiorugosus is a rare species that grows in Abney every year on a large number of sites, but always on dead wood.







Here it is growing on the side of a live Common Ash tree. This indicates that the wood directly round the cap is dead. It has been killed by the bracket – Aurantioporus fissilis. I followed the progress of another outcrop of this bracket in another blog, and it does look as if the wood has suffered around the edge. There is no way of knowing that the wood around the hole is not being inhabited by the bracket that created it. This finding suggests that the Aurantioporus lives just in the heart wood, and degrades only the wood that is in its way to the outside where it can shed its spores. This leaves the dead wood around the hole available to be inhabited by another fungus species, in this case the Pluteus aurantiorugosus.

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